Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo dump: New computer, Hoarders and Toys

I have a hopeless addiction to vinyl toys that i've been collecting for awhile. This is what my little army looks like as of now. They are pretty fun, esp. the blind boxes cause you never know what your going to get! i like how they look in a big group, but they are a pain in the neck to dust.

While cleaning out some art supplies I have discovered I have a horrible marker hoarding problem. I got rid of a lot of them today, but at least there organized right?

My new set up. I'm loving the huge screen. Pretty exciting! My savings nest egg is at three dollars now. I also bought a new tablet that will hopefully arrive today.


Meagan Marly said...

toyz! i'm still down for a swap, and i'm pretty sure larissa would be too! we both like makin those things!

sarah van d said...

for sure gooners! i have one ready to make right nowww